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Healthy Habits That Improve Your Relationship

Tips For Healthy Relations

You might have heard that diet, exercise is important for your healthy but one aspect that is rarely touched up on is the fact that it can also help you boost your relationship as well. The activities mentioned below are proven to be beneficial when done by a couple.


Work out together

A study conducted recently revealed that upto 85% of couples who exercise together spend more quality time together. This helps give you the time required in the relationship allowing you to grow together. Also as an added bonus it is much more likely that you will stick to the routine.


Eating a Mediterranean diet

A Mediterranean diet is known to have a lot of health benefits from improving heart health to boosting your brain power. As Mediterranean diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates it can help improve your sex life by alleviating erectile dysfunction in men. This diet is also known to help fight depression and helps you lighten the mood.


Sleep better

According to a study there was a connected factor which linked lack of sleep and relationship problems together. This creates a conflict which makes you have emotional irregularity and cognitive function which can negatively affect relationships.


Cook at home

One way to keep you calories low is by cooking a nutritious meal at home. A couple who is known to cook together have been known to engage in challenging activities together. One best way to start this ritual is by staring a date night and planning a date night where you can enjoy your day together.



Laughing can release endorphins which the feel good chemical that help in decreasing pain in reducing stress. Sharing a few jokes back and forth can help your relationship as one of the main factor of a relationship lasting long can be given to the fact that the couple might have had some sense of humour.


Take time to de-stress

Any type of stress in your life have been known to affect your relationship too. Stress can cause you to have an altered behaviour which can start to loosen your relationship. Try to incorporate a habit of ‘us’ in your life for a better satisfied relationship to help calm your nerves.


Quit smoking

Smoking is an unhealthy habit and is mostly liked to heart disease, cancer and other lesser known diseases. There are many researches to prove that quitting to smoke can help reduce anxiety, depression, stress and generally give you a positive outlook in life. Kicking this bad habit out of your life have been known to create a better effect than anti-depressants which allows you to have a happier relationship.