Secret Tricks To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

Living Room Decor

Living room is one of the most important part of the home. It is the place where you greet the guests and want to spend your lazy evenings. A living room is a place where you wound want to feel at home. Most of the time living rooms are kind bland as it is just a vast space with furniture here and there. There are many ways to make you living room look expensive and some tips are mentioned below.


Create a layered lighting concept

Lighting is one of the best part of entire room and you can make it look beautiful with few simple tricks. All you need is few lights. These light sources provides the right source to add depth to whole room. If you are on a budget, lighting can be a money saver. You can buy many forms of lighting to ensure that you have a different light decoration to ensure that your living room looks luxurious.


Invest in textiles

Want to make your look expensive, just try to add a rug. This one fabric addition help tie the whole look of the living room together. You can also try to add a lot of pillows on your sofa to give it that rustic look. If you are window around draping the room will ensure that the curtains are beautiful and move comfortably to bring he whole look for elegance together.


Make sure the curtains hit the door

This is one of the most common mistake that any home owner makes that puts down the whole look of the house. When you are planning to add curtains into the right mix try to ensure that curtains are hitting the ground. Pick up a sheer. Lightweight fabric which can easily be tailored according to you wish. Try to get the basic curtains if you are confused with the style.

Invest in Large-scale art

Want to instantly grab people’s attention buy a large-scale art which can instantly spark you imagination and give your living room a very luxe feel. If you do not have the budget you can also opt fro something beautiful which can be helpful in showing creativity on the walls.


Incorporate texture

If you are not a fan of the whole monochromatic feel, add more texture to the mix. This allows you to have the right variety of wood, glass, metals and woven materials which can be collected to match the whole look. Also, this trick can help you stay on your budget where you can also reuse some of the old fur blankets or leather chairs to make everything comfortable.